We plan to make the den / fireplace room into a library. This will of course involve many bookshelves. We definitely want bookshelves next to the fireplace so the ugly 70’s style built in entertainment center next to the fireplace needs to go.

The Entertainment Center The Entertainment Center

I started with a pry bar and a small sledge hammer, but it quickly became clear the stupid entertainment center was the sturdiest part of the house, built to withstand attack.

So, a quick trip to Lowe’s later and I became the proud owner of a recipricating saw. This made quick work of it, and now it’s mostly demo’d..

Almost gone Almost Gone

Unforunately during the demo it became clear that there is no drywall in that corner and there is also no flooring underneath it. I don’t know if it was never there and the room was built around the entertainment center, or if it was removed when the entertainment center was built. Because of this I haven’t removed the base yet. I’m wondering if we would be better off just putting shelving on top of the existing base than uncovering unfinished floor and having to try and figure out what to do with it.